Bavarian Labs is a company which is thinking about plugs in a new way. Dusty concepts with technical restrictions do not have to be maintained just because they do their job. It is time for solutions! Solutions which are usable everywhere and have a nice design on top.


Andro Grünberger, the founder of Bavarian Labs and developer of myPowerMate experienced some difficulties with his travel adapter during a trip around the world. Pliers and a mobile phone charger were a quick relief and the impetus for the development of an all-rounder travel adapter. You can read the whole story on our blog. A Kickstarter campaign, great commitment, some costed nerves and two years were necessary to perfect the product. MyPowerMate is conspicuous because of his multifunctional simplicity and his fabulous design. The perfect travel companion for your journeys around the world.


is a great mechanical engineer. From his last world trip, he returned with the plan to revolutionize the travel adapter industry. With a solution in mind for everything he is handling all hardware problems which come up on our way.


lives in the internet. She is supporting Andro with the virtual stuff: search engines, social media and so on. She is also in charge of grammatical and orthographical accuracy.

But such a project is more work than one single person, or even two, could handle on their own. At this point we want to say thank you to all the people who advice and actively support us in the background. Moving forward is only possible in a great team.