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myPowerMate is available for a lot countries but please check, if your country is listed below. (Theoretical you can plug EVERY plug inside – BUT some countries have different regulations and we respect them 🙂

• Australia
• Brazil
• Canada
• China
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Hong Kong
• Italy
• Japan
• Netherlands
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Singapore
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• Thailand
• United Kingdom

Your country is not listed? Please send us an email ( and we will check it for you!

All un-grounded applications. For example… You CAN‘T plug a flat iron, a fridge, a washing machine, dish washer or a mower inside. These machines need a grounding cable as some parts are not insulated. So please don’t take these things on your vacation!
A hair dryer, a shaver, laptop, USB chargers, and such things what you usually take with you on a journey, can of course be plugged into myPowerMate. These devices do not need a grounding cable. They need to be completely covered with nonconductive materials. This prevents an electric shock in case of damaged device.

Yeah, of course! It is absolutely necessary to build a child lock into myPowerMate as the design is very attractive. In this way the outlet is locked against penetration of other things what you shouldn’t put inside. But please keep in mind that myPowerMate is not a toy – It is a power adapter for every socket. So don’t give it to your kids and let them play with it. Althought the contact pins are really tough inside, small childs may swallow the parts.

All the adapter pins are insulated. Like this you will not come into contact with current-carrying parts.

myPowerMate is certified with CE, RoHs, FCC and conform to the latest IEC standards. DEKRA did all testings for us.

You can use myPowerMate in every power network worldwide. The USB charging unit has a transformer inside to convert from 100 V up to 250 V. Same as the most USB chargers, shavers, laptops e.g.… have built in.

Be careful if you travel to other countries with different voltages. Devices such as hair dryers need a voltage switch to withstand other currents. There are lots of models made especially for international travellers.

This problem occurs to every travel adapter as a converter for big applications can’t be build inside. myPowerMate is simply to compact

Once you have placed your order, our fulfillment partner processes it within two working days. We send every parcel with DHL and you will get your tracking number via email. In Germany, the delivery takes approx. 2 working days, in Europe up to 7 working days and rest of the world may be up 21 days.

You can cancel an order as long as it is within the process in our house. If you cancel too late, you can return your parcel back within two weeks.

You can return the product within two weeks without giving reasons. We cover the cost for the return, if any problems with the product occur. If you have a warranty issue or want to return the parcel, please use our revocation form.

No. myPowerMate is simply a device to plug EVERY plug in EVERY socket – No more – no less.

Have you ever tried to buy a spare surge protection on an island? We made myPowerMate as strong as possibe. Your socket does not have a protection, so neither does it your adapter.

Hell, no! You should know that electricity and water were never a good combination. If you haven‘t made experiences in this direction yet, we hope you never will.

Sure! All contact pins are insolated to the highest standards and have dimensiones that there is no current as long you do not see metalpart. We can’t guarantee you the socket is to the standards as well. If it occurs that the tootsies stuck inside please only touch the plastic part – never touch the metal contact and you will be safe.

Yes, you can. Technically it is possible to plug every availabe plug of the world inside, but we highly recommend to only use nongrounded plugs.

You will find the right combination for every country in the user manual – But as you will see, there are only 3 different shapes – So check your socket, plug in the right shape and adjust the distances that the adapter will fit inside. Simple as this.

We accept credit cards, PayPal, Sofort Überweisung and direct debiting.